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What supplies do I use to create my original artwork?  I use Golden acrylic paints in heavy body, liquid and hi-flow.  Occasionally I will pick up a fabulous color from another brand but Golden paints are my staple.  In addition, I use Posca pens, Sharpie water-based markers, Sennelier Oil Sticks and Stabilo "All" pencils for mark making. I get asked about the Stabilo pencil more than anything else!

Do I paint on canvas, wood or paper?  While the majority of my work is on canvas, I do sometimes paint on wood or paper. I like switching things up for a change. 

What inspires me to create? My inspiration comes from nature and music. Those two things are like fuel for my creativity. I listen to all kinds of music but some of my favorites are Junip, Alt-J, YoYo Ma, The Lumineers, Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks, Bill Callahan, Citizen Cope, First Aid Kit, Horse Feathers and Train. Those really are a few...I have over 100 Pandora stations and listen to thousands of songs every month. I'm a junkie.


Do I accept commission pieces?  Yes, I do a lot of commission work. People sometimes have a certain size or color scheme in mind, or want something similar to a piece I might already have sold so commissions are an avenue I enjoy.

Do I plan what I'm going to paint when I begin a new project?  Only if doing an animal or commission piece. All of my abstract works are intuitive and explorative. I never have a set color scheme, style or end result in mind. 

Did I attend art school? I made it through one year of painting, drawing and sculpture at the University of Oklahoma before switching my major to psychology. LOL! I could not stand being instructed how to paint. I believe technique can be taught, whereby giving a person the tools they need to develop their own style and explore their own creative energy. However, for me, I found the direction stifling. That's just me. 

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