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janet skates

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Welcome!  My name is Janet Skates. I am an international abstract artist, illustrator, creative coach, illustrator and spirit junkie.


It is my heartfelt belief that every person embodies a creative energy and unique voice.  My paintings are how I share my joy with the world.  Through my teaching, public speaking and private coaching I encourage and nurture others so they can express their own creativity and influence the world for good.


Please contact me with your inquiries and/or requests.  Thank you for connecting!

Janet Skates is a mixed-media, abstract and figurative artist. A color passionista she is inspired by music, flowers, plants and other artists.  Most often her works are done on canvas; however, she paints on paper and cradle board as well.  She uses acrylic paints, oil pastels, pencils, paint pens and other marking tools in her works. 


As an intuitive painter, Janet rarely begins with a clearly defined picture of what she is creating. Rather, she often begins with some color selections and allows the process to determine the direction. Her work employs layers thereby creating texture and definition that add character to the final piece.  She is a big believer in letting go, allowing freedom and play to release the energy that produces original art. Janet believes the layers in her work, some beautiful and some not so much... are just like our lives... they all work together to create a fabulous finished piece.


Her cat muse, Birdie, is most often by her easel or on her shoulder as she paints.

“...every aspect of our lives can benefit from our innate creative energy when it is nurtured and applied.” ~ Janet Skates

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